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Rollerski -A Core and Cardio Full-body Workout

Rollerski is a complete full-body Core and cardio workout that engages at least 90 percent of the body’s muscles. An hour on rollerskis can burn up to 1000 calories.


It is currently a niche sport in Northern Europe, and new to Asia and much of the world.


Ability-Calibrated Equipment and Training

Urbanski’s proprietary ability-calibrated equipment and training is safe for kids and adults 5 and up. Anybody can rollerski with Urbanski!

If you’re looking for a new sport to try, something fun and enriching to do on the weekend, or a guaranteed fat-burner, give rollerski a go!

Summerski Intro+




What does this class teach
Your 90 minute introduction to rollerski starts with a 30 min safety introduction to the terrain and introduction to our beginner skis. You will learn to start, move and brake. Our beginner skis are a little like rollerblades so if you have experience with rollerblading or rollerskating, it will be even easier to pick up rollerski. 

Next you will learn to walk in the skis first  to get used to how rollerskiing feels.

Ski poles will be provided for the first half of the lesson to help you to feel safe on the skis. We will then take them away to see how you move. 

Once you are confident, we will go on a 60 min rollerski tour around Little India. 

What is the experience like
The experience with us would be memorable and at the same time enjoyable.
Our coaches are engaging and outgoing people who are dedicated to teaching
customers how to rollerski. If you are shy or you feel that you are not confident
that you can learn how to rollerski, fret not as we us coaches have been there.


When first being introduced to rollerski we all had difficulty learning how to
rollerski but as time passed by it became easier and we realised how we could
teach people stuff we could not understand at first. Each of our coaches have
different styles of teaching with different variation but we do assure you that you
would have a good time with us no matter what. At the end of the day our goal is
to not make sure that you learn roller skiing but enjoy the sport so you would be
willing to come back for more.

How will this improve your fitness and what are the health benefits
1. Builds Aerobic exercise benefits
Rollerskiing increases your heart rate and gets your lungs working, both
components in aerobic exercise. You can increase these aerobic benefits
by skiing on an incline, skating more vigorously, or practicing interval
skating. Aerobic exercise improves the cardiovascular system, reducing
the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

2. Builds Anaerobic exercise benefits
The sport provides anaerobic benefits, such as muscle strengthening and
toning. Lower body muscles, core muscles, and even the upper body
muscles receive an effective workout while skiing. From long leg strides,
maintaining posture, and swinging the arms, the entire body will see the
muscular benefits.

3. Improves Dynamic balance, Coordination and Agility
Roller skiinng is about dynamic balance, or balance while your body is in
motion. By starting with the basic roller skiing skills then learning to do
more advanced moves on your skis, such as skiing backwards, crossover
turns and even going down steep slopes, you can challenge your
balance, coordination, and agility.

4. Increases Core Strength
Postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles, get a great workout
while skiing. With each push and glide motion, the core is activated to
support the whole body providing stability allowing for dynamic balance. A
strong core contributes to the effortless look a practiced skater

5. Weight Loss and Maintenance
Inline skating/Rollerskiing at 10mph on a regular basis not only burns
about 6 calories a minute, or 360 calories an hour, but also turns fat into
muscle - a double benefit. Also, the faster you skate, the more calories
you’ll burn per minute.
With our intro class you will leave feeling healthy and happy with yourself


What is Ski-Kids?




Ski-Kids is a fun and engaging way for the little ones to get active and pick up a new sport.

It is a class to introduce our very own motor skills training for kids aged five and above.

They will start the lesson off on the skis going through a fun circuit. Then, they will move on to the motor skills training section where they will be put through their paces in a fun way.

Lastly the session concludes with a fun games section to get their minds working and review what they have learnt throughout. The lessons will be conducted by our trained, outgoing and friendly trainers. The kids will be in safe hands and they will get a very fun and unique experience like none other in Singapore.

The main objective of this programme is to get kids active and fit. According to the National Health Survey 2010, 1.7 Million Singaporeans with BMI > 23 are vulnerable to obesity related diseases. Out of the 1.7 million there are already 1 million Singaporeans with BMI > 23 already having a condition. Another study has shown that the obesity rate among youths is 10% (Michael Chia, 2008). It is also proven that Singapore’s adolescents do not get enough physical activity (WHO, Nov 2019).  Thus, Urban Ski is doing our part to help the community, to offer another opportunity to kids, to keep themselves healthy.

Another reason we introduced this class is due to the high demand of parents requesting for classes for their kids. These parents are interested in bringing their kids to ski overseas in the future. Hence, they need a place to help their kids to train in preparation for that.

Whether you want your child to be active or prepare for vacations, we can help you get them both ‘Ski-Ready’ and ‘Ski-Fit’.


Lesson Plan

As mentioned, the lesson will be split into three main segments.


The first segment will be the introduction to the summer skis. We will teach about the skis and the necessary safety regulations. Then they will proceed to wear the skis and go for a walkabout in them. Once they get comfortable in them we will progress to a bit of gliding. After they get relatively confident, they will go through a fun circuit with different courses to go through.

The second segment will be the motor skills training segment. The kids will first warm up with some exercises to get their heart rate pumping and warm their muscles up. After which they will move to the main part of the segment, the ladder work. In this segment,  they will do various different exercises which will help them develop different motor skills such as balancing, jumping and running.

Lastly, the session concludes with a game segment. The game is meant to get them to work out without them even realising it. They will be engrossed in trying to win the game and give their best, which will result in them working to the best of their abilities. We will conclude the whole session by asking them what they have learnt, telling us to give a recap on each station and segment. This is to ensure that they remember and have taken something away from their time with us.


Benefits of our lesson

As one can tell our lesson is based around developing a child's motor skills.

Motor skills are the abilities required to control the large muscles of the body for walking, jumping, skipping, and more. Working on motor skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in his/her body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.


Developing these skills helps a child's ability to do more complex skills in future activities, such as playing soccer with a team.There are 3 different types of motor skills; Locomotor activity, Non locomotor activities and manipulative skills.


Locomotor activities are movements from one spot to another. For example, walking, running, climbing, leaping, jumping, hopping, galloping, sliding  and skipping.


Non locomotor activities are movement in a stationary place. For example, pushing, pulling, bending, stretching, twisting, turning, swinging, swaying, rising, and falling.


Lastly, manipulative skills are when you move objects in a variety of ways. For example, throwing, kicking, striking, and catching.


Our lesson plan mainly focuses on the first 2 types as they are more basic which make them easier to learn. However, if the kids do come back for more lessons, we will progress and incorporate the manipulative skills element into our plan to further aid their development.


Along with the motor skills development, we also teach them how to use the roller skis. Other than just learning a new skill, the roller skis actually helps them improve their overall fitness. With them gliding around and having fun on the course, there is no way for them to not end the session without profusely sweating.


What is next?

After the kids come for a Ski-Kids lesson, they are always welcomed back for more. There is no need to worry as we have many different routines and exercises to conduct, to avoid repetition and to ensure progression. That way the child can cover and develop all necessary elements and skills.


There are other options, if the kids are old enough or find the lesson too easy, we have HIIT classes and the Bootcamps. These are catered to adults, as they include full body workouts, which kids do not have the relevant muscles developed enough to do so. However, after attending Ski-Kids for a while and have gained the necessary strength needed, they may progress to the classes for the adults and push themselves to achieve greater heights.


Our classes are designed to introduce the new and unique sport of roller skiing to the community and to encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst all. We believe by starting them young, it would encourage them to continue this healthy lifestyle even as they grow older.

Urbanski Bootcamp

What Is It About?

This boot camp consists of 48 sessions at $30 each with new circuits & workouts every week. Participants will receive personal guidance from our Trainers to get in shape as well as learning how to use the rollerskis. It will be a 60 min programme with roller skis training as well as a new workout: H.I.T.T , strengthening workouts etc.Other than that participants will receive free 2D/1N vacation to our Urbanski resorts, Urbanagogo membership and privileges, Free SG Rollerski Membership + Cocktail as well as Free Rollersports events invitations or priority bookings.


Urbanski Clubhouse 

Urbanski Clubhouse is our summerski cultural headquarters. Located in the heart of the city, enjoy adventurous rides and all the amenities you need. 

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